Music Aids Cancer Recovery

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A lot of research has been done on the connection between our bodies and our minds. It's thought our emotional health can spur our physical health.

Char Taggart volunteers for a weekly program at Topeka's Cotton-O'Neil Cancer Center that is right in tune with those theories. Taggert calls music a "universal language," and she speaks it when she plays piano in the Cancer Center's lobby. The sounds flow from her fingertips to the ears of cancer patients - hopefully making an impact.

Taggart says music is seen as providing an avenue for relaxation and for stress reduction. She says, for a time, patients can can focus on something other than the health issues they're facing.

Social worker Kim Olson with the Cancer Center agrees. She says the program started earlier this year to complement the center's other cancer therapy programs. She says she can walk through the lobby when a volunteer is playing and see how it uplifts people.

Olson says the music gives people hope, and anything that touches your heart and emotions and uplifts your soul is going to naturally affect your physical well-being.

Char and the other volunteers take turns playing from 10 to 11 am Fridays in the Cancer Center lobby. People are invited to stop in and listen.

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*Schedule subject to change