Half Million Dollars of Copper Wire Ripped Off in KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Someone has stolen $500,000 worth of
copper from Berkeley Riverfront Park in Kansas City, and officials
say the thieves might have committed the crime in broad daylight.
Police say the thieves likely used a backhoe or other heavy
equipment to dig out an estimated 18,000 feet of copper wire cables
in the park near the Paseo Bridge. Investigators say it might have
taken weeks to steal all of the materials, and the culprits might
have blended in with legitimate construction crews.
Kansas City Power and Light discovered the theft earlier this
week after getting a report of a missing manhole cover.
Utility officials say the loss could be considered a cost of
doing business and eventually could be passed on to customers.
KCP&L says the cables were deactivated backup lines and won't
have an impact on service.