Support Your Community; Give To United Way-Over $14k Raised!

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Topeka, KS (WIBW) United Way is giving hope a hand in our community and in your neighborhood. Contributions to United Way's Community Impact Fund are working year-round, building a brighter future for our children, enriching the lives of our elderly, giving hope to those who are hurting, strengthening families and so much more. By investing in United Way, you are making a commitment to care about the lives of your family, friends and neighbors.

United Way is a force for change in the community. No other local organization can leverage business, government and community resources and leaders like United Way. And no other local organization can deliver the full range of services that children and families in northeast Kansas need to thrive.

United Way has the broadest knowledge of community needs. United Way has studied the community for nearly eight decades and knows which individuals need help and what it will take to change difficult conditions. That's why during the annual campaign, United Way encourages donors to give to the Community Impact Fund rather than designate to a particular agency. During United Way's extensive community investment process, locally trained and experienced volunteers assess community needs. Volunteers also determine how to distribute funds, so that donors know their money is serving the most pressing issues in their community reaching the people who are most in need, and having the greatest community impact possible.

You can help your community today by donating to United Way. Funds that will stay right here in Northeast Kansas!

We have raised over $14,000 today, thanks to donations from viewers like you!

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We would like to thank the following people/businesses for donating and Living United!

Montgomery Door Closer Service, $1,000
Sowards Glass, $500.00
Gary Blitsch, Framewoods of Topeka, 500.00
Bailiey Moving & Storage Co. Inc. $350.00
Architect One, PA , Anonymous Donation
Dave Macfee, Macfee Refinishing, Inc. $175.00
Anonymous Local Business $100.00
Anonymous Local Business $500.00
Jack Wisman, Einsteins Outdoor Outfitters, $90.00
W.W. Grainger, $500.00
Grace Young, Young'uns Daycare, $25.00
Drink-O-Mat Vending Co. $25.00
Artistic Hair, $50.00
Chuck Buger, $50.00
TNT Tans, $500.00
Pioneer Janitorial, $500.00
Topeka Vacuums $50.00
CoreFirst Bank & Trust $2,500
AB Flint, $25.00
QHR By Loeffler, $100.00
Kansas Van & Storage, $250.00
Gage Dental, $500.00
Jazzercise on SE 29th St., $144.00
Jackson's Greenhouse and Garden Center, $25.00
Capital City Belt & Supply Inc. $150.00
All City Locksmith $50.00
Ann O'Bryan, HealthWorks, $200.00
Hilco Mortgage Corp. $50.00
PTMW Inc. $1,000
Little Casers $50.00
Anonymous Local Business $750.00
Maximus, $50.00
Anonymous Local Business $300.00

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why do some agencies conduct separate fund raising drives in addition to United Way?

United Way funds specific programs within agencies, agencies coordinate and conduct separate efforts to fund other programs and activities not supported by United Way. However, if it went for United Way, there would be countless more individual fund raising activities in our community, With a single contribution to United Way, you provide support to more than 80 effective health and human service programs.

If I give to my church, why should I give to the United Way?
Local United Way programs compliment religious organizations in their mission to alleviate human suffering in the community.

I'm never going to need United Way services, so why should I support them?
You may never use United Way services; however, one in three persons in our area will use a United Way service during the next year, and many will never even know they are doing so. You can ensure that the service will still exist if and when you or a friend may need it.

What is United Way's administrative overhead?

United Ways' overhead is less than 12%, a lower percentage than most nonprofits nationwide and less than half of the 35% standard suggested by the Council of Better Business Bureau, This means 88% of community support is applied to intended programs, and we're very proud of the fact!

Who runs United Way of Greater Topeka?
Volunteers govern all aspects of United Way of Greater Topeka. The Board of Directors determines policies, sets procedures, sets procedures and monitors all activities of the organization.

Does United Way Fund Abortion-Related Programs?

Who Sets United Way Staff Salaries?

The United Way of Greater Topeka Board of Directors sets staff-salaries and monitors all staff compensation. Decisions in this area are based upon local consideration, as well as comparison to United Way organizations in other cities.

Why does United Way pay dues to United Way of America?
United Way of Greater Topeka pays 1% of the dollars raised fro dues to the United Way of America in exchange for a host of services including staff training, advertising and publicity, and national account maintenance.

Why are some people asked to pay for services?
Individuals who are capable of paying for services are asked to do so based upon their ability to pay. This helps ensure that those who are unable to pay can still utilize services.

To Donate Please Call 866-817-1313