Boyda, Jenkins Debate Again

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Lynn Jenkins and Nancy Boyda tangled on the issues last night in the studios of KSNT in Topeka. Jenkins hammered away at her theme of watching every dollar Congress spends, and said would use her experience as a CPA to control wasteful spending in Washington.

Boyda said she has worked hard for Kansans, deserves another two-year term, and wants to return to Capitol Hill in January to continue helping Kansans.

Two of the most spirited exchanges dealt with a national energy policy and the future of Social Security. Boyda said Jenkins has promised "not cut a dime" out of the subsidies Congress approves for oil companies. Boyda wants those subsidies slashed, and would strongly support renewable energy sources that would benefit Kansas.

Jenkins told the audience later on, she backs an "all of the above" program including several energy sources to cut our dependence on foreign oil, and wouldn't vote for any "San Francisco" energy plans her opponent supports.

Jenkins charged the Congresswoman with raiding Social Security to balance the budget, along with higher taxes on oil companies with the costs passed along to consumers. Boyda told Jenkins not to blame her single-handedly for the nation's huge deficits.. that balanced budgets are very important, and she would aggressively work to keep them that way. Jenkins told her opponent that the current Congress is responsible for the highest budget deficits ever, and the worst thing Boyda could do is vote for budgets that don't balance.

Nancy Boyda chided Lynn Jenkins on her promise to keep Social Security solvent, without a way to pay for the entitlements. Jenkins has said she would make current tax cuts permanent.

The candidates were interviewed for nearly an hour by KSNT Anchor Megan Farley and Washburn's Bob Beatty.