Councilman Questions Paid Leave; City Manager says He Authorized It

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A Topeka City Councilman is questioning why four Topeka Police officers have been on paid administrative leave for seven months.

The officers were involved in a shooting incident March 18th. They remain on leave while the investigation continues. Their pay over that time totals more than $100,000.

At Tuesday's Topeka City Council meeting, councilman John Alcala said the city's personnel code limits such leave to ten days and, even under the police union's contract, it's limited to 60 days as a disciplinary action.

However, in consulting with Police Chief Ron Miller and the city attorney's office, City Manager Norton Bonaparte said he agreed to extend the paid leave time.

Chief Miller told 13 News he believed the paid leave was the right thing to do since, in the American justice system, people are innocent until proven guilty and, as yet, no finding of wrongdoing has been made.

Right now, only one of the officers, Jason Judd, faces charges.