Chief Miller Talks About Pay for Off Duty Officers Involved in Shooting

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Topeka Police Chief Ron Miller says he is taking a neutral stance and has been since the incident involving four off-duty officers occurred on March 18.

Chris Bowers, Travis Jepson, Laura Bonebrake, and Jason Judd were involved in the shooting of Daniel and Devin Llamas. Since then all four officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay. They have received more than $100,000 combined.

"Speaking for the Topeka Police Department, as the Chief, I'm embarrassed that this situation happened," said Chief Miller but that does not change the fact that not one of the officers has been proven guilty.

"The question that I constantly get is, 'why are they on administrative leave?' Because none of the four of them have been convicted of any crime. Only one of them has even been charged. "This is a request of the District Attorney who has asked that the Police Department not conduct administrative investigations and conclude them prior to the criminal investigation running its course," said Miller.

The Chief says the fact that the officers are on paid administrative leave should not be surprising. He says most police departments operate that way.

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