Clinton Denies Supreme Court Ambitions

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(CNN) — It’s a question that arose even before Hillary Clinton abandoned her presidential bid four months ago: What's next for the junior senator from New York?

Definitely not a spot on the Supreme Court, and likely not a bid to be Senate Majority Leader or President of the United States, she told Fox News Tuesday.

Asked directly about rumors she may have her eye on the bench, Clinton said there was “zero” chance of that happening: "I have no interest in doing that," she said, laughing.

Speculation mounted it may be a possibility after Lawrence Tribe, a constitutional law expert at the Harvard Law School who is advising Obama's campaign, said last spring he thought Clinton may be a good fit for the high court.

"I certainly think that Senator Obama's inclination to look for people of broad experience, people whose deepest values and whose empathy with others makes them wise human beings as well as expert lawyers, would mean he wouldn't rule out people such as Senator Clinton just because they don't have judicial experience," he told the National Journal.

Others in the chattering class have said a run for Senate Majority Leader, replacing Sen. Harry Reid, is much more likely, given Clinton's success in the chamber and the respect she has forged there. Many also speculate Clinton still harbors presidential ambitions, and could run in four or eight years depending on if Barack Obama is elected.

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But speaking to Fox Tuesday, Clinton said the chances she pursues either of those options are "probably zero."

"There's an old saying: Bloom where you're planted. And I've always loved that," she said. "I love being in the Senate. I ran for president because I thought we had to make drastic changes given what I viewed as the damage that the Bush administration had done here at home and abroad. Now I'm going to work very hard with President Obama to repair that damage."