Iraqi PM meets with president on US security pact

BAGHDAD (AP) -- An adviser to Nouri al-Maliki says the prime minister is meeting with President Jalal Talabani to review a "final draft" of the security pact with the U.S.

Yassin Majid gave no other details of Tuesday's meeting, but says al-Maliki will take the draft this week to the Political Council for National Security.

That body includes the prime minister, the president, his two deputies, leaders of political blocs and the parliament speaker.

Then al-Maliki will show the draft to his Cabinet. If it approves, he will send it to parliament.

U.S. and Iraqi officials say they are close to an agreement on the pact to replace a U.N. mandate that expires Dec. 31. Differences over legal immunity for U.S. troops are said to remain unresolved.