Prosthetic eye gives horse a shot at show career

LAWTON, Okla. (AP) --
"We thought he was going to end up being a backyard pet" instead of a show horse, Kelsey said. "When we found out he had a second chance I was really excited for him."

Veterinarian Jeff Hammond of Marlow tried in June to save the young horse's eye. When it became evident the surgery didn't work, Hammond suggested the cosmetic alternative.

KBuck's prosthetic eye was handcrafted by designers at La Fuente Ocular Prosthetics in Oklahoma City.

The eye was fashioned with a mold of KBuck's hollow eye socket and constructed with hard acrylic plastic, said Brandon La Fuente. It was hand-painted to look exactly like the horse's real eye, complete with deep blue features and tiny red veins.

KBuck's eye cost about $3,000, but his worth will far exceed the investment if his show career takes off. Kelsey Chumbley said there are no rules against showing a horse with a prosthetic eye, and it's unlikely judges will be able to tell it's fake.

Hammond said adjusting to a prosthetic eye shouldn't be a hardship for the horse because he was so young when he lost it.

"Having one eye hasn't affected him a bit - he's a spitfire," Hammond said.