Food Union Workers Accept MGP Contract

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ATCHISON - United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 74D representing 148 workers at MGP Ingredients voted Friday to accept the Company’s offer to extend the previously expired contract.

Chris Pruessner, vice-president and spokesperson for the local, told 13 News, "The local is pleased that the members will be returning to work and can begin to get their lives back to normal. The local’s desire will be to resume negotiations soon, and hopefully begin to work through the differences that could not be mutually agreed to in prior negotiations."

He also said, “Union officials are happy with the outcome of the vote because this allows the members to go back to work as we try to rectify our differences with the company. It is just a shame that 148 people had to do without a paycheck for two weeks. It is our opinion that this strike could have been avoided had the company not rejected the Union’s previous request for this extension.”

The striking workers walked off the job September 27, upset that the issues could not be resolved. Their previous contract expired at the end of August. Preussner thanked the people of Atchison for their support during the work stoppage.