FEMA to Charge Rent for Greensburg Trailers

GREENSBURG, Kan. (AP) _ The Federal Emergency Management Agency plans to start charging rent for its trailers being used by Greensburg residents displaced by last year's tornado.

Eighteen months after the massive twister all but wiped out the Kansas town, FEMA sent a letter saying that residents still living in agency trailers would pay $667 per month in rent.

Resident Jackie Scheuerman said Thursday she plans on moving out of her FEMA trailer to avoid having to pay an ``outrageous'' amount for rent because she needs the money to finish rebuilding her home. Instead she and her family will live in their half-finished house.

City Administrator Steve Hewitt questions whether $667 per month is fair market value for Kansas and Greensburg, and he's trying to convince the agency to lower the price.

Hewitt said, ``I just don't want to lose citizens.''

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