KSU Musuem Up To Become One of 8 Wonders of KS Art

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Some local hot spots are in the running to become one of the eight wonders of Kansas. Take a look at why something on the KSU campus made the list.

The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, nestled on the campus of Kansas State University, isn't just known for its impressive architecture inside and out. It's also known for its collection of art.

It focuses on Kansas and regional artists, dating back to 1928.
That variety is paying off. The collection at the Beach is on a list of two dozen finalists to be named one of the eight wonders of Kansas art.

"We're all excited and thrilled to receive the nomination!" exclaims Martha Scott, a museum employee. In fact, she says a link to Kansas is a strong condition for adding artists to the collection.

"The collection, since it started, has focused on Kansas and regional art and we're pleased that people realize that, recognize that."

So cast your vote if you think the Beach is one of the eight wonders of Kansas art. You have until october 15th to vote for your favorite.