Council Tackles TV, Sumner Issues

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(Topeka, KS)--The big issue became a non issue Tuesday night as the Topeka City Council was set to look at Jeff Preisner's proposal to cut City 4 television coverage of the council meetings.

Preisner pulled the proposal at the start of the meeting.

He said he brought the issue up because Topeka employees are not getting raises this year -- and he thinks council should look at every possible way to cut spending.

He pulled the issue because the public was not behind it.

The other big issue at the council meeting -- the fate of the Sumner School was determined. It will be auctioned off -- and the Community First group hopes it will win the bid, and turn Sumner into a charter school.

Sandra Lassiter said Community First's financial backers have not set a limit for the auction. Brett Blackburn says community first wasn't given a fair shake in the original contract negotiations.

The starting bid will be $50,000 and will take place December 1.