Duo Claim Record By Watching 57 Films In 123 Hours

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(AP) You may want to try this at home. Suresh Joachim, of Toronto, and Claudia Wavra, of Petersburg, Germany, claim to have broken the Guinness World Record for movie-watching, after seeing 57 films in 123 hours in a plexi-glass house in Times Square.

A Guinness World Record spokesman said it appears the non-dynamic duo have broken the movie-watching record but said it will take two weeks to officially verify.

The record-breaking attempt was billed as the Netflix Popcorn Bowl. Eight challengers began watching "Iron Man" on October 2 at 12:00 p.m., and after 72 hours only two remained. They watched "Thelma and Louise" until the end on 3:10 p.m. Tuesday.

Academy-Award winning actor Susan Sarandon dropped by on Tuesday to encourage the weary pair.

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