Shawnee County District Attorney Race Heats Up

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The Friends of Police announced their endorsement for Democratic Candidate, Chad Taylor, Tuesday.

"I think that this sends a clear message to the community and to the voters of Shawnee County that the plan and the vision that I've been communicating with members of law enforcement," Taylor said. "Obviously myself and my opponent have spent a substantial amount of time with the law enforcement community talking about what we intend to do and how we intend to do it and I think the fact that they have chose to support me is a very strong message."

Senators Robers and Brownback are endorsing Republican candidate Eric Rucker.

"I have the experience, he's the politician," Rucker said. "He's never served as a prosecutor before. I have a 90 percent jury-trial conviction rate, he has no jury-trial conviction rate, because he's never prosecuted before. This is the action of a political action committee. It's an election year. But I'm an independent-minded prosecutor."