Kansas Farmers Expect Record Corn Crop

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ Kansas farmers are well under way with harvesting what is an anticipated to be a record corn crop.

Kansas Corn Growers Association spokeswoman Sue Schulte said Tuesday that corn growers are very optimistic about their yields and their crops. She says all indications are the state will break a record this year.

Among the pleased farmers is Ken McCauley, of White Cloud.

McCauley says that when it comes to yields, he's harvesting his best corn crop ever. He credits perfect weather. His dryland corn is running 200 bushels an acre.

The Kansas Agricultural Statistic Service said Monday that 34 percent of the state's corn crop has been harvested. About 10 percent of the sorghum and 21 percent of the soybeans in Kansas also are now in the bin.