Topeka Standoff Ends Peacefully

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Topeka Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a house near 21st and Adams in Topeka around 11 this morning.

They say the woman called 911 because she needed help. Apparently she has some sort of medical condition.

When authorities arrived, the woman did not let them in. They were told the woman had weapons in the house.

A special response team was called to the scene and managed to persuade the woman to surrender after a three hour standoff. Police said they were unable to communicate with the woman via a phone. Just before the standoff ended, they broke a second floor window and threw a phone inside so that she could communicate with a negotiator. That seemed to prompt the woman to open the front door.

Police say the woman did not break any laws and therefore no charges will be filed.

They say the City of Topeka is liable for the broken window.

The woman has a teenage daughter who was not home at the time of the standoff.