Sebelius Checks In Briefly for Jury Duty

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TOPEKA - Think you're too busy for jury duty?

You're probably going to get a little less sympathy from officials in Kansas, where Governor Sebelius reported today for jury duty in Shawnee County District Court in Topeka.

Sebelius spent most of the day in courtrooms on the fourth floor of the county courthouse, waiting to be questioned as a prospective juror. Despite her professed wish to serve, she was ultimately excused. The governor was away on a trade mission last July when she was called the first time, but says she's always ready to perform her civic duty.

Like 148 other prospective jurors, Sebelius checked in with the county's jury coordinator, then took a seat quietly in a courtroom.
In Shawnee County, jury duty begins with a brief video on the
importance of serving.

Later this afternoon, she faced a few questions from District
Judge Charles Andrews Jr., and was then excused her for good by 4:30pm. She'll resume her normal schedule today.