Topeka High School Inducts Three New Members into Hall of Fame

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Topeka High School welcomed three new members into it's Hall of Fame Sunday. Members of the community gathered to celebrate the achievements of William Davis, Mark Morris and Norma Norman.

"It's an exciting feeling to be back in Topeka High," Norman (class of 1963) said.

She now runs her own consulting firm in Kansas city, but she has not forgotten the hallways of Topeka High School.

"We were the children right after the Brown V. Board, we were really challenged by our parents to do our very best and also not to be encumbered by barriers that were obvious at that time," she said.

World War II fighter pilot William Davis graduated nearly 70 years ago, but his message for today's students is clear.

"One of my mottos is, 'you never know what you can do till you have to do it,'" Davis (class of 1939) said. "I had never seen an airplane, never touched one, and I was able to fly the best there was and do a lot of things with it. It amazes me to this day."

Veterinarian Mark Morris Jr. developed the pet food brand Sceience Diet, and before is death in 2007, he was a dedicated volunteer.

Current students from Topeka High School also attended the induction ceremony.

"It really shows the students here that we can do something great for our community and for our town outside of school once we leave, and it really, I think it's inspiring," Topeka High School Senior, Caroline Stern, said.