Law Prevents Palin From Donating Tainted Money

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) _ Gov. Sarah Palin promised to give $2,100
in tainted donations to charity, but that will only happen this
year if she and John McCain win the Nov. 4 election.
Otherwise, the donation will wait until 2010.
State election laws prevent donations from active accounts, so
Palin can only use the money if the Republicans win the election
and she closes out the account. Otherwise, it will have to wait two
The campaign said Palin, who disclosed Friday that she and her
husband had a gross adjusted income of $166,080 last year, felt the
donations should come from the gubernatorial campaign account and
not her personal funds.
The money represents donations from two lawmakers indicted in a
sweeping federal corruption probe and the wife of one of the men.

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