EPA Won't Limit Toxic Chemical in Drinking Water

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Federal regulators say they don't plan to try
ridding drinking water supplies of a toxic rocket fuel ingredient
that's been found in 35 states.
The Environmental Protection Agency says it will take public
comment for 30 days before finalizing its decision not to regulate
the contaminant, perchlorate, in drinking water. The Associated
Press and other news outlets reported the agency's plans last month
based on internal EPA documents.
Today's announcement is provoking outrage from Democratic
lawmakers and a lawsuit threat from environmental groups.
Particularly widespread in California and Texas, perchlorate has
been found to interfere with thyroid function and pose
developmental health risks, particularly for babies and fetuses.
The Defense Department used perchlorate for decades in testing
missiles and rockets. Congressional investigators say most
perchlorate contamination is the result of defense and aerospace

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Government Accountability Report with map of 35 states found to
have perchlorate:

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