Topekans React to Vice Presidential Debate

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With the Vice Presidential Debate behind us, the big question is, who won?

A CBS poll of uncommitted voters says Senator Biden won the debate, claiming 46 percent of those polled.

Governor Palin only won 21 percent of the vote in that poll.

But here in Topeka, voter reactions seem to be split down the middle.

I feel that Biden did a better job," Jeannette Bush said. "He knew his facts, he knew dates, names, amounts, he was just a lot better. I felt that Sarah Palin just kind of faked her way through it."

" Governor Palin certainly appealed to a lot of us here in the center part of the country, I think," Harry Strader said. "And I thought the underdog did quite well for herself."

The debate took place at Washington University in St. Louis and was the only Vice Presidential Debate for this election.