Some Supporters of Economic Rescue Plan May Now Vote Against It

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WASHINGTON (AP) _ More votes appear to be changing in the House
of Representatives, but not always the way party leaders were hoping.

Democratic and Republican leaders are trying to get reluctant colleagues to support the financial industry bailout plan when it comes up for a vote. And some lawmakers who voted against it on Monday are saying they'll support the revised version this time.

But a handful of Republicans who voted for it on Monday now appear less likely to do so. Spencer Bachus of Alabama denounced what he calls a ''rush to judgment.'' He says Congress should approve just a fraction of the money, and then go home and face angry constituents.

With the outcome uncertain, stocks fell again, with the Dow losing nearly 350 points.

President Bush again joined congressional leaders in lobbying for the additional dozen votes that would reverse Monday's setback.

The top Republican vote counter, Roy Blunt of Missouri, predicts it'll pass. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says there's a ''good prospect'' of that. He says he won't bring it to the floor unless
he's ''pretty confident'' it'll be approved.