Skit in "Blackface" Draws an Apology

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ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. - The mayor of a south-central Kansas town is apologizing for appearing in a skit wearing makeup that some people thought was blackface.

Arkansas City Mayor Mell Kuhn not only appeared in the contest wearing dark makeup but also used sexually suggestive slang for his character's name. The contest was part of a fundraiser held over the weekend by the Court Appointed Special Advocates, which supports foster children.

Kuhn's apology came after a meeting last night with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The apology,
posted on the group's Web site, said it was shortsighted of Kuhn
not to see how offensive his actions were.

The mayor previously had defended himself to the local paper, The Arkansas City Traveler, saying he did not care what people thought.