Roberts, Brownback Oppose Bailout Bill

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WASHINGTON (AP) _ Both of Kansas' Republican senators voted against a revised plan to rescue the nation's financial industry Wednesday night.

Sen. Pat Roberts said his decision reflects the will of thousands of Kansas voters who have contacted his office to say the $700 billion measure is unacceptable.

"It’s important Congress act responsibly to shore up America’s confidence in the financial system. Unfortunately, this proposal is still flawed. It does not protect taxpayers, contains no meaningful oversight, may not solve the crisis and is seen by most Americans as rewarding greed," Roberts said.

Roberts' challenger on the November ballot, Democrat Jim Slattery, said he didn't know enough about the details of the plan to say whether or not he'd vote for it. However, he said he knew enough to know "the devil's in the details." He also says Congress needs to be sure to reward taxpayers with whatever it passes.

"It is clear the current Senate bill doesn't do enough for taxpayers and I have explained what I believe needs to be done for a bill to receive my support," Slattery said. "After voting for many of the policies that have caused this problem, Sen. Roberts has been deafening in his silence during this crisis and has failed to proposes how we begin to fix this mess."

Sen. Sam Brownback said the nation is entering a recession and called on Congress to pass a bill that works to restore ``the broader economy.''

“Congress needs time to get this right," Brownback said. "A rushed $700 billion bailout package is unlikely to produce the long-term results we need. Plus, $700 billion is a lot of money. You could buy all the farm land in the top 16 agricultural producing states in America with that amount of money. Or it could buy 4.4 million Americans a home at the median price in Kansas."

The Senate approved the measure on a 74-25 vote, and the House could vote on it by the end of the week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.