3 Year-Old Wichita Girl Catches Suspected Thief In The Act

Photo taken as man quickly left Wichita restaurant
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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -- Three-year-old Brooke was eating lunch with her mom Thursday at Panera Bread on North Rock Road when she quickly got her mom's attention.

Little Brooke said, "Mommy, Mommy! Your purse."

When Brooke's mother looked down, she saw a man's foot wrapped around the strap of her purse. The man was sitting behind her in the restaurant.

Brooke said the man took the wallet, then put it in his jacket.

Brooke's mom, who didn't want to be interviewed, said her wallet was gone. She confronted the man behind her, and that's when the thief said he simply found the wallet on the floor and had picked it up. He quickly handed it back to Brooke's mom, and left the restaurant.

She quickly snapped pictures of the man and his car. With him was a woman, who was driving.

Kansas City, Missouri Police just sent out a strong warning about these thieves who are lifting wallets from purses in dozens of restaurants.

Police there say they don't think the thieves are from the Kansas City area, but have been traveling across the Midwest, pulling off thefts and then getting out quickly.

Wichita Police don't know whether that ring is committing crimes here, but they are sending out a warning to keep your eye on your purse, as you may not have a 'tiny deputy' like Brooke to keep watch on your valuables.