3 Awesome Ways to Find Great Reads

Senior woman looking for book in second hand shop
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This article is presented through a partnership with the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library.

You love to read and want books now. We have what you love, including the instant gratification you crave.

Periodically this year, we’ll share ways using the library makes your life better, err, awesome! Here are three quick hits for readers:

1. Whether it’s Hollywood gossip or classic literature that you just gotta have, start at tscpl.org/downloads. Download digital content and go on with your life. Your book, magazine, movie, TV show, and even music will be at your fingertips when you’re ready. (Psst! Our digital music and magazines don’t have due dates. Win!) Borrow instead of buy.

2. Your library card gives you access to all the latest titles electronically for your computer or device. Need help downloading? No problem. Our Digital Librarian Jeff Tate is happy to coach you. Set up a meeting at tscpl.org/consult-a-librarian . Or walk on in and serve yourself at our ereader display. While you are here, you can also test drive OverDrive, our ebook vendor.

3. Access the library wherever you are. From book recommendations to library events, see what’s happening at the library on our Digital Branch. Book recommendations and events are always featured on the home page of tscpl.org. We’re in your neighborhood, with 20 Bookmobile stops Monday-Saturday. (Bookmobile schedule) And, we’re at the nearest community center.

What awesome story about using your library can you share? Tell us your awesome library story, here