Tasered MO Teen Faces New Charges

FORSYTH, Mo. (AP) _ The teenager who accused Ozark police of
zapping him excessively with a stun gun in July faces two felonies
after police say he shot at a house and car in August.

Mace Hutchinson of Branson is charged in Taney County with armed
criminal action and discharging or shooting a firearm from a motor
vehicle. Sheriff's deputies say Hutchinson and Matthew Kraus of
Rockaway Beach were arrested Aug. 29.

The two 17-year-olds are accused of firing a gun at a house near
Branson, leaving bullet holes in several rooms of the home and in
the victim's car.

A police report on the July 19 incident said officers fired
their Tasers 19 times, although the report doesn't say how many
times Hutchinson was shocked. The report says Hutchinson had fallen
from a highway overpass and tried to walk or roll onto the road
while police were taking him into custody.

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