Sumner School's Fate Delayed

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The fate of the historic Sumner School won't be decided for at least another week. It was discussed at the Topeka City Council meeting on Tuesday night, where it was deferred a week.

City staff recommended sending the building to auction. It is real estate they want to, quoting the council agenda, "dispose of."

Community First, the group that came up short in its bid to buy the building to turn it into a charter school, says it has the $50,000 minimum bid, and wants to buy the building now.

Sandra Lassiter of Community First wonders why the stipulations for her group were tougher than the stipulations for the highest bidder in a potential auction. Council member Brett Blackburn agreed in discussion.

The Shawnee County Historical Society made a pitch tonight to give them a chance at finding a government entity to occupy the building.

Brett Blackburn made the point that it would still affect tax payers' dollars in that scenario.

Click on the video for uncut interviews with Richard Harmon and Lassiter.