Early Education Becomes an Election Issue

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One group of Kansans is giving preschoolers a voice in the upcoming state senate race. All week long, the Kansas Coalition for School Readiness is traveling acros the state, holding events at local preschools during "Ready for School" week.

State Senate candidates are invited to meet parents and teachers to learn about the importance of early education.

They made it to Topeka Tuesday, at Parkdale Early Childhood Special Education Preschool, where organizers spoke about the impact early learning can have on the youngest students.

"We see so many gains in this age range, from three to five, that, once kids get up into elementary, middle school, you don't see the gains as quickly," Shara Meyer, Program Coordinator for Early Childhood Special Education for Topeka Public Schools, said. "So here, we can have a kiddo that's coming to us, and they're not talking at all and by the end of the year, they're putting three and four word sentences together."

Meyer was also excited by the turn-out.

"It's just exciting to see so many folks come out, especially the legislators," she said. "That they're interested in early childhood, and seeing kind what we do and how they can help us continue to grow and expand."

"Ready for School Weed" ends Friday with visits in Sabetha and Wichita.