Riverfront Authority Accepts Masterplan

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The Topeka-Shawnee County Riverfront Authority has taken major steps in developing it's community.

In a meeting Monday morning, the Authority accepted a final masterplan for the Riverfront. The project could take up to 20 years to complete and will bring trails, public parks, shopping, housing and offices to the county.

The plan lists a number of funding options, including local, state and federal dollars.

"In this case, there are a lot of additional sources of funding beyond, many more than were available for the Topeka Boulevard Bridge," Doug Kinsinger, with the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, said. "Many more state and federal sources, so we're hopeful that it could be a project that's feasible that would not burden the local tax payers as much."

The Riverfront Authority still has a lot more work to do before construction begins. The next step is presenting the plan to elected officials. The Authority also says a copy of the plan should be available to the public soon.

"I think it's important that we get the plan out to the community, get their feedback, and their desires about the future of improving the Riverfront and our community," Kinsinger said. "It is also important to visit with our elected officials to see their desire of what are the next steps they would like to see go forward."