Biking for Cancer Awareness

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He was biking with a purpose, but it was not to burn calories or pump up his heart rate.

Eric Nordgren bikes across Kansas for cancer awareness and he finished a 250 mile bike ride Saturday morning. Nordgren started his trip at his home in Lake Shawnee at 6:30 Friday night and made a heart-shaped tour back to Rees Fruit Farm in Topeka.

All four of Nordgren's parents had cancer and two of them died from the diseas. He stressed the importance of being proactive in fighting cancer.

"See the doctor because men in particular have a tendency to ignore going to the doctor until they feel bad," Nordgren said. "With cancer, if you wait until you feel bad, your chances of a good outcome go way down."

"Cancer is beatable but it's beatable only if you're armed with information and you get it as early as possible," Nordgren said. "There are very few, if any families in the United States that are unaffected."

Nordgren has biked 15,000 miles in the past year and he says his major plans for the future include rest.