Bargain Milk Barn Raises Money for Humane Society

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The Bargain Milk Barin in Meriden hosted it's first flea market this weekend, and all the proceeds are going directly to the Jefferson County Human Society.

Each vendor paid a $5 set up fee and had a collection can available for donations. There were more than a dozen vendors at this weekend's event, raising more than $100 for the Humane Society.

Event organizers said there was something for everyone at the market, making for some unexpected visitors.

" You know who our best customers are?" Charlotte Gregory with the Bargain Milk Barn asked. "They're single, young men that come in and they don't care if the dishes or the pot and pans or anything match. They want a shower curtain, they want a set of utensils, they dont care whether they're all strawberries when they're starting out on they're own, they just love it."

Help came from across the state.

"We had a lady from Topeka, she heard about it and she just brought a whole bunch of stuff out and said, 'price them and donate it,' so they'll kind of have an ongoing money coming in," Gregory said. "So that's great, we're real happy with it."

The Bargain Milk Barn plans to raise money for a new charity every year.