Bush, Britain's Brown Meet Amid Economic Woes

US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown sit next to each other at the start of the NATO Summit conference in Bucharest, Thursday April 3, 2008.(AP Photo/Yves Logghe)

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. financial meltdown was a top issue today when President Bush hosted Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the White House.

Bush told reporters after the session that the British leader had asked whether what was being considered on Capitol Hill would do the trick, and whether it would even get through.

The president says he told Brown that the plan is big enough to make a difference and that he believes it is going to be passed.

Brown says London supports the financial plan, and that whatever the details, it's the right thing to do to "take us through difficult circumstances."

The prime minister has suggested tighter global regulation to prevent a recurrence.

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