Stranded Marines Make a Pit Stop in Topeka

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A group of nearly forty Marines had a short pit stop in Topeka turn into an overnight stay Tuesday night. But the Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority, the TMTA, made sure they had transportation throughout their unexpected visit.
The Marines' airplane stopped in Kansas to refuel, but a faulty tire forced them to stay the night. City busses brought them to the Holiday Inn last night and took the grateful Marines back to their repaired airplane this morning.
"It's when towns do us favors like that it is important and it helps us out a lot so it is definitely a good thing," Lance Cpl. Will Good said.
"They provided us with two busses and that was awesome, we really appreciate it, thank you," Platoon Sgt. Reginald Bradford said.
TMTA bus drivers were also excited to be a part of the effort.
"It's a pleasure," TMTA bus driver, Keith Berry said. "I have a son in the military myself so anything I can do to help out. It's a pleasure for me to do it."
The Marines were on their way back to their base in Washington D.C. after performing a drill routine at a half time show for the Denver Broncos. Their flight took off early Wednesday afternoon.