Con Artist in Riley County

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Riley County Police are warning about a con artist who may still be on the streets of Manhattan. Police say 50-year-old James Morgan Finlayson has been knocking on the doors of churches and religious organizations, asking for money to fund surgery for his partially amputated foot. Some people wrote blogs warning about him, including one that police used for evidence. Police charged Finlayson with theft by deception, then released him because it's a misdemeanor. But they are warning people.
" Something about him was he was very reluctant to give you a phone number where you could contact him," Lt. Kurt Moldrup with Riley Police said. "He wanted to meet you somewhere else, never gave a lot of personal information and that should be a sign for anyone if they don't want you to call them, they want to call you."
Finlayson is 6'3, weighs about 165 pounds, and walks with a limp. Police do not believe he is dangerous.