Crisis Intervention Team Trains Law Enforcement Officers in Topeka

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NAMI or the National Alliance on Mental Illness training is changing the way officers think.

25 members of law enforcement are in the 40 hour training course. Some of them are from the Topeka Police Department. Others are from the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office. Even the Correctional Facilities are represented. Though they come from different venues they all have one goal: to learn how to better help people facing crisis situations.

"The mental health hospitals have been shut down. We have a lot of homeless people on the streets. A lot of people in crisis and who's left to face it on behalf of you and I? It's the police. We want to give them the best tools possible to make them safe, to make that person safe, and to make the public safe," said Dennis Bosley who is on the Board of NAMI Topeka.

Thanks to the dedication and support of people like Bosley the program is offered to Law Enforcement officers twice a year. This session will run through Friday.