YWCA Adopts Highland Park High School for Pilot Program

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"We will have different programs that will talk about being the very best you," said Glenda DuBoise, YWCA Racial Justice Program Director. A news conference was held Tuesday morning to announce the joint venture at Highland Park High School. The YWCA's RACE Committee is using Highland Park as a target school to bring about positive changes and encourage students to do their best.

A select group of students have been chosen for the pilot program. They will meet twice a month on Tuesdays beginning October 7th. During "Scot" time or study hall the students will hear presentations on selected topics:

Module 1: Personal Best
Module 2: Making Choices
Module 3: The Leader In You
Module 4: Life After High School
Module 5: The World of Work
Module 6: Cultural Enrichment

"Sometimes we have these programs and you give kids information or pamphlets and we don't do anything about it," said Principal Dale Cushinberry. This time he says they will be engaging students. He suggested taking them to Kansas City to see the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art as a way they could reach out and discover the best in themselves. Cushinberry says they will be eager to hear students input.

"It is truly a family approach to help students negotiate the new world order," said Cushinberry. To hear more about the program click on the video icon at the top of this story.

Participation from members of the community is encouraged. Please call Glenda DuBoise at (785) 233-1750