Tips to Prevent Your Vehicle from Being Stolen

The Topeka Police Department reminds citizens to lock their vehicles and remove all keys from inside the vehicle. Several auto thefts are occurring each week that have had keys left inside the vehicle – including spare keys that were “hidden” inside. This is an increase that has been noticed over the last few weeks.

The Topeka Police Department reminds citizens to remove all keys – keys you believe may be “hidden,” can easily be found by criminals. Criminals look for opportunity, so the Topeka Police Department encourages you to remove the opportunity by locking your vehicle and removing all keys from it.

Additional precautions you can take include:

· Never leave your motor running when unattended.

· Don't loan your car to a stranger or casual acquaintance.

· If you have a garage, use it, and remove the key! If you don't have a garage, park in a driveway instead of the street if possible.

· Steering wheel or steering-column collar locks make visible deterrents, as well as mechanical challenges.

· Never leave a spare key in the vehicle.

· Don’t leave the title in the car.

· Keep valuables out of sight, i.e. cellular phones, pagers, backpacks, purses, CDs, valuable clothing, etc. Valuables in plain view are an open invitation for thieves.

The public can now sign up to receive up to receive the Hot List, a listing of vehicles listed as stolen through the Topeka Police Department which updates several times a week by visiting and checking “Hot List.”