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TOPEKA, Kan. - Washburn University unveiled its new "W" logo used for athletics Monday. The logo is pary of a settlement reached by WU and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

UW filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Washburn because the "W" logos, they say, are too much alike.

The redesign is part of a settlement the universities reached September 12, 2008.

The new logo sports a flat top and bottom and has the word "Washburn" across the middle.

Under the settlement, Washburn has until 2012 to replace the "W" on painted surfaces; until 2014 to change the basketball court logo; and until 2015 to get the old "W" off the football field.

The university bookstore has no more than six months to sell the inventory it currently has bearing the old "W." After that time, any remaining inventory will be destroyed.

Washburn students say they may not have agreed with the lawsuit UW filed against their school, but they don't mind the new logo.

"I like it," said student Kellie Hays. "I think it's pretty much the same. It's not a noticeable difference."

Rashad Malone, a Washburn senior, agrees that the slight change isn't a big deal, but the money he recently spent on new apparel carrying the old "W" logo is a little more unsettling. "I just bought this hat for $30. Now it's gonna be worth $5 so I think I just lost some money."

Washburn officials say the design for the new logo started after the settlement was reached September 12. A group of administrators agreed on the new "W" design.

Read details of the settlement by clicking "WU Settlement" at the top of this story.

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