Petraeus Talks to Officers at Fort Leavenworth

Gen. David Petraeus, the top commander for U.S. troops in Iraq, appears at a graduation ceremony for 700 Iraqi National Police cadets in Baghdad, Iraq, on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)
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FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (AP) _ Fresh from relinquishing command in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus had some words of wisdom to offer to officers during a closed-door session at Fort Leavenworth.

Petraeus was the commanding general of Fort Leavenworth's Combined Arms Center when he was chosen by President Bush to become the top U.S. commander in Iraq. While in Kansas, Petreaus oversaw the development of the Army's counterinsurgency manual, which he used as the blueprint for ending violence in Iraq.

Officers who heard his presentation on Monday said the biggest message they got was that the Army is continually learning. The Iraq operations are a good example of that, they said, as the military learned how to fight an insurgent war by getting out among the population.

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