Topeka Daycare Urges Drivers to Slow Down for Children

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Holly Jeffries isn't just the director of the Kiddie Campus. She is a mother whose child also attends the daycare. Now, she is concerned for the safety of her own child and others as traffic speeds by their outdoor play area.

"This is their play area and the traffic has increased dramatically since the road construction that's come in here," said Jeffries. The playground is on the east side of the building and is protected by a chain link fence but Jeffries says traffic is cutting across the parking lot at high speeds very close to the play area.

Construction on Kansas Avenue between Croix and 37th began about a month ago. That's when Jeffries says motorists started cutting through their parking lot instead of using the proper detours.

"It just takes one person to act foolish for something bad to happen. And we need the cops here to kind of you know motivate our driver's to do what's best," said Jeffries. Jeffries contacted the Topeka Police Department and created a report.

Kristi Pankratz, a spokesperson for the TPD says they will enforce the area to help keep traffic under control. Pankratz also says they referred the daycare to their signage department to look at option for signs urging motorists to slow down.

"They're coming in right here, and if somebody were to crash it would run right into our children, next to the fence, into our playground," said Jeffries.

To see the area in question click on the video link at the top of this story.