Industry Diversification Boosts McPherson Economy

McPHERSON, Kan. (AP) Amid a faltering U.S. economy, McPherson has more jobs than people to do them in this city where farmland and oil fields blend with industry.

Even during the Great Depression jobs were available in McPherson County, where oil was being discovered. Today, the McPherson Industrial Development Co. is poised to survive another national economic turmoil.

The development group's executive director, Marvin Peters, says the community is plotting now to find more workers. Close to 30 percent of the community's workers come from outside the county.

McPherson is a community of about 14,000 people that boasts more than 56 industries.

More than 50 years ago, civic leaders realized that agriculture and oil wouldn't be enough to sustain the city in the future and founded McPherson Industrial Development.