Hospital Makes Improvements to Building, Employee Practices

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WAMEGO, Kan. - A northeast Kansas community is seeing the fruits of its generosity. The Wamego City Hospital hosted an open house Sunday afternoon. It was a chance for the community to see the improvements made by its fundraising efforts.

John Broberg, CEO of Wamego City Hospital, said the purpose of the open house was to let the community it serves see the improvements that have been made in the past year. Broberg explained that the community raised $300,000 toward the almost $2,000,000 project.

The open house included a tour of the new private and semi-private rooms, a Wellness Patio and CT scan.

It's not just the structural improvements this hospital is proud of. In the past year employee turnover has decreased from 33% to 14%. Wamego City Hospital ranked in the top 1% in employee satisfaction, morale, retention and engagement out of 92% of employees polled in an employee satisfaction survey.

Practices have also been implemented to improve the culture of the hospital. Broberg said he is "very impressed with the medical staff, hospital employees and leadership team and their focus on providing high quality compassionate care to the people we serve."