Governor Issues Disaster Declaration

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PRESIDIO, Texas (AP) _ Texas Governor Rick Perry has issued a
disaster declaration and is asking for a presidential disaster declaration for Presidio County.

That's where a levee protecting the county from the swelling Rio Grande failed Thursday. Water is creeping toward populated areas of
the normally dusty West Texas border town.

In a statement, Perry says the situation ``poses an immediate danger to the residents of Presidio.''

The governor authorized the use of five CH-47 helicopters, which officials say would be used to drop large sand bags around a railroad trestle. In addition, 170 prisoners are being brought in from a low-security facility to help fill sandbags to create a dam.

Officials say a second levee failure is probable and that if it happens in an area upriver from the makeshift dam, ``all bets are off'' on the trestle plan.

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