Canada Green Party Leader Not High on Pot Use

(CNN) -- The leader of Canada's Green Party, which supports the legalization of marijuana, has apologized for never smoking pot.

Elizabeth May said she was "not a big fan" of marijuana use, the country's national news agency reported.

"I apologize," she said.

May volunteered the observation Wednesday after reporters at a campaign stop asked about her party's policy to decriminalize Canada's marijuana laws.

She acknowledged that most politicians eventually are asked whether they have indulged, but she said she had never used marijuana, the Canadian Press reported

The Toronto, Ontario-based agency is a private nonprofit that, like The Associated Press in the United States, is owned by its member newspapers.

During her appearance Wednesday, May said that existing legislation criminalizes "decent, law-abiding" Canadians and that the justice system should focus on "real crime," the agency reported.

She added that allowing people to grow marijuana legally would help curtail organized crime.