Two Small Plane Crashes in One County

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DOUGLAS, Kan. - Emergency crews in Butler County are handling two small plane crashes on the same day, but no one was seriously hurt in either crash.

A Piper Cherokee crashed on the runway at the Augusta Airport
upon landing, but initial reports are that nobody was hurt. The Augusta Daily Gazette reports that the plane broke a light as it was coming in for a landing, damaging the wings.

Earlier in the day, a prototype of the Cessna Skycatcher also went down a few miles east of Douglas during a routine test flight. Witnesses told KAKE-TV they heard a loud pop, then saw sparks as
the plane spiraled downward and crashed into a tree line.

The pilot parachuted out of the plane, landing in a field
roughly 400 yards away from the wreckage. He was taken to the
hospital with only minor injuries. Cessna says the plane had more than 100 flights and 150 hours in the air.