Commissioner Selig Joins Denny in the Booth

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KANSAS CITY - Bud Selig called it a beautiful day for a baseball game.

He's also pretty happy with the ways things are going with Major League Baseball.

Commissioner Selig told Denny Matthews of the Royals Radio Network there could be a streak snapped when this year's attendance totals are added at the nation's major league ballparks. With the sagging economy, Selig says it's possible attendance could be down, after four years in a row of rising attendance. The commish also told listeners on the Royals network that he has "faith and hope" in the smaller market teams like the Royals, with $407 million in the pot for revenue sharing.

Selig said the game's popularity is at an all-time high, sparked by the no-hitter from Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs Sunday night.. a game he saw at Miller Park in Milwaukee. The last no-hitter Selig ever saw was in 1974, when Kansas City's Steve Busby no-no'ed Selig's Milwaukee Brewers at the old County Stadium.

Selig and Matthews said they love interleague play, and the fans do too. While Matthews urged the Commissioner to get rid of the designated hitter, Selig said it would take a catastrophe in the game to get him to change his mind. He likes that the leagues have a different approach to playing the game.

Selig chatted with Denny during the 2nd and 3rd innings of today's game.