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Gray Television, Inc., the parent company of WIBW TV hosted an
Internet Development meeting in Topeka Wednesday.

WIBW TV sister stations, KOLN in Lincoln, Nebraska and WOWT in Omaha joined news staff for a Topeka seminar on how to develop content for each station's web channels.

WIBW General Manager Jim Ogle hosted the meeting, and topics of discussion included live blogging, static blogging, news story web posting and special sales projects to attract revenue.

WIBW TV News Photographers led a special presentation on sending still pictures and video while in the field, before returning to the station to edit video for the afternoon television newscasts.

WIBW TV reporters also talked about twittering live as they are covering stories in progress. WIBW TV was the first station in the area to do a live twittering from a criminal court case, combining that web coverage with camera coverage of the case.

WIBW TV also is a market leader in Live Weather blogging during breaking weather, while the Sports department blogs and inputs high school football from 10-15 games on Friday nights.

The emphasis on the one-day meeting is the logistics of getting an entire newsroom staff involved in web channel inputting, while developing material for over 30 hours of news each week.