Businesses Upset Over Wanamaker Median

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(Topeka, KS)--Local businesses are speaking out about the construction of a median on Wanamaker Road.

Some of the businesses along that stretch spoke out at the city council meeting on Tuesday night, saying the median was not there when they decided to locate their businesses there.

A Best Buy manager said they have worked hard to build traffic to their store, and they have already seen traffic drop 30 percent since the construction began.

They said the store was set for renovations this fall, but those may be delayed -- and Best Buy may move when its lease is up next year.

They say one possible solution would be a break in the median to allow customers to turn left into the stores, but not turn left when exiting.

One thing business owners were upset about -- they were only told of the construction a few days before it began -- giving them no time to mobilize and talk to city officials.

Compounding the issue, many city council members were aware they approved the project for street improvements, but were unaware they approved an actual median.

Council member Richard Harmon said the devil is in the details, and it is an issue that needs a resolution.

City Manager Norton Bonaparte will be speaking with staff members Wednesday to discuss possible solutions -- before the construction gets past the point of no return.